Business Services

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Business Services

Luxury Hotels and Tourism Companies

  • Exclusive PersonalShopper services for your Russian and English-speaking clients.
  • Include a Shopping Experience in your Up-selling strategy.
  • Offer attractive bundles including a Shopping Experience, targeting the Russian and English-speaking markets.

Personal Shopping services in hihg-class hotels

Nowadays, an increasing number of luxury hotels offer to their clients an opportunity to enjoy a private PersonalShopper service during their city trips. Very often clients do not know where to go to buy the clothes they want according to their personal style and preferences, during the short period of time they can devote to shopping.

In most cases the cost of this service is not a drawback for them (sometimes it does not represent more than 5% of their shopping budget...), but to find a specialist who may inform them correctly and cleverly about shopping opportunities. Someone who can communicate with them in their own language, understanding their tastes and shopping habits. Surely this is a 100% true with Russian tourists. can help you to increase the loyalty of your Russian clients. When a Russian customer is really satisfied because of the exclusive services that are offered by your hotel, no doubt that next time he/she will prefer to stay in the same place. And surely he/she will recommend your hotel to his/her friends who are going to visit to Spain.